RBRC01094, NBX1-1

RBRC No. RBRC01094 Type Inbred Species Mus musculus Strain name NBX1-1 Former Common name NcX1-1 H-2 Haplotype No Data Background strain No Data Appearance 1 Appearance No Data Genotype No Data Strain description No Data Health Report BRC facility Health Report in the last year and a half Examination Date Room Rack Jan 28, 2020 3-C G Jan 20, 2020 3-C G Dec 16, 2019 3-C G Oct 21, 2019 3-C G Aug 26, 2019 3-C G Jun 17, 2019 3-C G Apr 15, 2019 3-C G Feb 18, 2019 3-C G Gene Details Promoter No Data 1 Symbol Kit Symbol name kit oncogene Chromosome 5 Common name No Data … Continue reading “RBRC01094, NBX1-1”


Inbred RBRC No. Strain name RBRC00002 129/Sv RBRC00072 BUS/Idr-Cdh23<+>/Rbrc RBRC00093 C3H-fBi RBRC00151 DDY/Stm RBRC00173 CBA/H RBRC00179 CBA/StMs RBRC00186 DDK/Nga RBRC00191 GRS/A RBRC00197 IITES RBRC00216 RFM/Ms RBRC00222 SL/Kh RBRC00224 SL/Ni RBRC00521 SHN RBRC00635 DM/Shi RBRC00638 PT/OsMsRbrc RBRC00639 JF1/Msf RBRC00640 BALB/cUcsde RBRC00641 BALB/cAnN RBRC00792 DDN RBRC00793 DNI RBRC00794 KR/C RBRC00795 IXBL RBRC00888 NFS/N RBRC01023 129/Sv RBRC01059 NC RBRC01063 BIIID RBRC01064 Lgh RBRC01094 NBX1-1 RBRC01107 NBX1-2 RBRC01169 SMA/Num RBRC01220 A/J RBRC01221 SM/J RBRC01670 DDD/Sgn RBRC01672 RR/Sgn RBRC01673 SS/Sgn RBRC01674 CF1/Sgn RBRC01675 NC/Sgn RBRC01677 KK/Sgn RBRC01877 WHT/Ht RBRC02184 C3H/HeN-OpiphTNA RBRC02186 IITES/C RBRC02510 A/KiKua RBRC02511 Af/BiKiKua RBRC02513 BALB/cKiKua RBRC02514 CBA/StKiKua RBRC02515 C3H/Bifb/KiKua RBRC02516 DBA/2KiKua RBRC02517 DBA/2fKiKua RBRC02518 FB/KiKua RBRC02519 RIII/ImrKiKua RBRC02582 129/SvEv RBRC02773 C3H/HeNrs RBRC02779 … Continue reading “Inbred”