RBRC06565, C3.NSY-(D11Nds3-D11Mit242)

RBRC No. RBRC06565 Type Congenic Species Mus musculus Strain name C3.NSY-(D11Nds3-D11Mit242) Former Common name C3.NSY-Chr.11R2B2, C3-Chr11R2B2 H-2 Haplotype No Data Background strain C3H/HeNCrlCrlj Appearance 1 Appearance No Data Genotype No Data Strain development Developed by Tamio Ohno, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine. Strain description C3H congenic strain containing the D11Nds3-D11Mit242 region of chromosome 11 of NSY. Colony maintenance Homozygote x Homozygote Health Report BRC facility Health Report in the last year and a half Examination Date Room Rack Jan 27, 2020 4-B K Nov 25, 2019 4-B K Sep 30, 2019 4-B K Jul 29, 2019 4-B K May 27, 2019 4-B K Mar 25, 2019 4-B K Jan … Continue reading “RBRC06565, C3.NSY-(D11Nds3-D11Mit242)”


Congenic RBRC No. Strain name RBRC00005 A.Cg-H2-T18<b>/Rbrc RBRC00056 BALB-CSA/M RBRC00062 C.B6-Enpp1<b>/Rbrc RBRC00118 C57BL/6-K1 RBRC00119 C57BL/6-K1-dilution RBRC00120 C57BL/6-K2 RBRC00122 C57BL/6-Ly-1 a RBRC00123 B6.Cg-Fcgr2b<a>/Rbrc RBRC00124 B6.Cg-Cd8a<a>/Rbrc RBRC00125 C57BL/6-Ly-2 a ,3 a RBRC00127 C57BL/6-Lyb-2.1 RBRC00128 B6.C-Enpp1<a>/Rbrc RBRC00130 C57BL/6-Tla a RBRC00144 C57BL/6-Ly5.1 RBRC00257 129-Gix- RBRC00339 C57BL/6J-CSA/+ RBRC00488 B10.DOM-PGN RBRC00489 B10.CAS-QZNe RBRC00490 B10.BAC1 RBRC00497 A.AL/Ola RBRC00498 A.B(4R)/Ms RBRC00499 A.CA/Sn RBRC00500 B10.T(6R)/Ola RBRC00501 B10.RIII(71NS)/Ola RBRC00502 B10.HTT/Ola RBRC00505 B10.GD/Ms RBRC00506 B10.AKM/Ola RBRC00507 B10.AQR/Ola RBRC00508 B10.S/Ola RBRC00509 B10.G/Ola RBRC00510 B10.A(4R)/Ola RBRC00511 B10.Y/Sn RBRC00512 B10.WB(69NS)/Sn RBRC00513 B10.SM(70NS)/Sn RBRC00515 B10.DA(80NS)/Sn RBRC00516 B10.HTG/2Cy RBRC00517 B10.M/Sn RBRC00518 B10.129(6M)/Snf RBRC00519 C3H.OL/Ne RBRC00532 C57BL/10SnSlc-H-2<aw18>/H-2<b> RBRC00544 B10.SH1(R17) RBRC00547 B10.A(R262) RBRC00548 B10.A(R217) RBRC00549 B10.A(R209)/Msf RBRC00550 B10.A(R261) RBRC00551 B10.A(R251) RBRC00552 B10.A(R241) RBRC00553 B10.A(R228) RBRC00554 B10.A(R224) RBRC00555 B10.A(R223) … Continue reading “Congenic”