RBRC01445, DDY-Dao<G181R>/ConnRbrc

RBRC No. RBRC01445
Type Spontaneous Mutation wks
Species Mus musculus
Strain name DDY-Dao<G181R>/ConnRbrc
Former Common name ddY/DAO<-> mice
H-2 Haplotype No Data
Background strain No Data
1 Appearance albino
Genotype c/c
Strain development Spontaneous mutation arose in the ddY closed colony. Developed by Dr. Ryuichi Konno, Dokkyo University.
Strain description This mutant mice have a missense mutation (Gly181Arg) in DAO gene. The mice with this mutant allele lack the D-amino acid oxidase activity. The levels of D-serine in the cerebellum and rostral brain of mutant mice are higher than those of normal (Dao1+/+) mice. The mutant mice display a decrease of stereotypy and ataxia induced by NMDA receptor antagonists. This strain is useful for study of schizophrenia.
Colony maintenance Sibling Mating (Homozygote x Homozygote)
Homozygous mutant mice are viable and fertile.
Health Report
Gene Details
Promoter No Data
1 Symbol Dao1
Symbol name D-amino acid oxidase 1
Chromosome 5
Common name DAO, Dao-1
Symbol description No Data
References Amino Acids, 10, 133-143 (1996).
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Research applications Cell Biology Research,
Genetics Research,
Neurobiology Research,
Toxicology Research
Specific Term and Conditions The following terms and conditions will be requested by the DEPOSITOR.
The RECIPIENT of BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE shall obtain a prior written consent on use of it from the DEPOSITOR.
The RECIPIENT agrees to include the DEPOSITOR/DEVELOPER as a co-author in any publications resulted by the use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE during the first 2 years after deposition by the DEPOSITOR to the RIKEN BRC.
Additional information
1 No Data
2 Genotyping protocol <PCR>
Depositor Ryuichi, Konno (International University of Health and Welfare) Ryuichi, Konno
Strain Status /
(Expected delivery)

Cryopreserved embryos : Within 1 month
Recovered litters from cryopreserved embryos : 2-4 months