RBRC06179, C.KOR1-Pitx3<+/->

RBRC No. RBRC06179
Type Spontaneous Mutation
Species Mus musculus
Strain name C.KOR1-Pitx3<+/->
Former Common name BALB-Pitx3
H-2 Haplotype No Data
Background strain BALB/cCrSlc
1 Appearance No Data
Genotype No Data
Strain development Developed by Yoshibumi Mastushima, Saitama Cancer Center, Research Institute for Clinical Oncology.
Strain description Pitx3 gene mutant mice. Spontaneous mutation arose in KOR1 mouse colony derived from Japanese wild mice (Mus musculus molossinus). Homozygous mutant mice exhibit microphthalmia. KOR1 original line (RBRC06180), C57BL/6 background (semicongenic line) (RBRC06178), BALB/c background (RBRC06179).
Colony maintenance Homozygote x Homozygote [or Crossing to BALB/cCrSlc (Cross-Intercross Breeding)]
Health Report
Gene Details
Promoter No Data
1 Symbol Pitx3
Symbol name paired-like homeodomain transcription factor 3
Chromosome 19
Common name No Data
Symbol description No Data

Research applications Developmental Biology Research
Specific Term and Conditions The following terms and conditions will be requested by the DEPOSITOR.
In publishing the research results obtained by use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, a citation of the following literature(s) designated by the DEPOSITOR is requested.
後日指定。(will be announced).
Additional information
1 No Data
Depositor Matsushima, Yoshibumi (Saitama Cancer Center) Matsushima, Yoshibumi
Strain Status /
(Expected delivery)

Cryopreserved sperm : Within 1 month
Recovered litters from cryopreserved sperm : 2-4 months